Posted on: February 16, 2008 8:58 pm

A Championship for San Diego?

Unlike an illegitimate Garvey love-child who is practically kicking out of his womb in the seventh month so he can hit clutch NLCS  home runs and propagate the seed,  San Diego is LONG overdue. 

From the Padres to the Aztecs, the ineptitude of the sports teams in this town is maddening. The adage "always a bridesmaid, but never a bride" comes to mind when it comes to San Diego sports. Sure we have experienced a few memorable seasons like the '84 Padres or the '94 Chargers, but it seems our teams always fall painfully short when they are on the biggest stages (The Padres own a gut punching 1 -8 World Series record, while the Chargers lone Super Bowl appearance was, for all intensive purposes, over in the first 8 minutes) In fact ,when San Diego sports teams aren't losing big games, we're losing franchises (the Rockets and Clippers both left town, while the Sockers and Gulls folded).  What I find especially odd is that San Diego sports fans should rather smug considering the recent successes of the Chargers and Padres (2 AFC West and NL West titles respectively). Yet, it seems our brush with great, err, goodness only seems to increase our collective burden of not being able to win the big one. 

So what gives San Diego sports fans?  Is our city, dare I say cursed? How much longer do we have to bear this torch? What says you?
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